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Magia por el-MundoMaximiliano-Stia-en-Barcelona

The Magician Maximilian Stia

For me it is a pride to introduce you all to my Magic shows, and Humor.

Are Shows that are created over 25 years of professional career and presented in scenarios of prestigious European theatres, Palaces, and in the most remote places and humble in Asia. In all of them, I was rewarded with much applause and smiles. 

If you want to bring a great show, Magic and comedy to your event, you know my shows

Exciting Performances

Shows thought out, designed and tested to thrill the audience. Each of the numbers of Maximilian Stia on stage have a purpose, and that is to make your event magical. Please be assured that your guests will spend a great time. Whether it's a festival mass or a particular event: the laughter, the magic and entertainment are guaranteed in each and every one of my Shows.


Tell me about your event

If you need information to carry out any of my shows to your event, my team will be happy to resolve all your concerns. Fill out the form or call us without obligation.

Blog & News

This is my Blog space, where you will be able to find news related to the world of magic and humor, and also you will be informed of some of my shows more prominent.

Magia por el mundo Maximiliano-Stia-Show-en-Barcelona
The Magician Maximilian Stia
I am the magician Maximilian Stia Grossi, also known as the magician Maxi, and the magician of the circus.
Magic Cotton Candy Maximiliano_Stia_Mago_circo_en_Barcelona
Cotton candy Magic for Events
Magic Cotton Candy is Cotton candy, magical event. Do come and see!
Clowns Funny and helpful
I have very fond memories of my work with the NGO Clowns without borders.

Testimonials from viewers

I loved the show that has made the magician Max! So what I recommend for children as for adults also. The mix of magic and humor is exquisite. We will come back safe 😊

Clara Saladich

Clear Saladich


What I liked the most, is that I laughed a lot, like that excites me, the sohws you wake up that feeling of happiness that we forget in the day-to-day with so many rushes and worries.

Melina Evangelista

Melina Evangelist


What a great experience, we have been a family and had doubts because my 5 year old daughter is quite lively, but Leo makes it great throughout the show, is 100% recommended, and laughs galore.

Mireya Pozo

Mireya Well


Maximilian is lovely and makes the Palace of the Magic family. We spent an afternoon wonderful and we left fully desestresados and pleasantly surprised.

Ely Quesada

Ely Quesada


Great experience that we've been gifted. We went to a children's show and we just pasándonoslo even better that the kids! We moved to our childhood. We will repeat fixed.

Alvaro Reyes

Alvaro Reyes


Known as the Palace of The Magic

My own space in Barcelona where you can see my show and many more activities.